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Philae Carver - About

I was first drawn to gardens on a visit to my grandparents home in rural Maine when I was 10 years old. When I walked with my grandmother thru her English Knot garden, all the plants stood taller than I, and flowers exploded with colors at every turn. I felt the noise of the outside world disappear and a peace and calm descend upon me that felt as nurturing as a warm bath. This experience continued when as an adult I would sit with my aging father gazing out at the Atlantic Ocean, and we would both marvel at its intrinsic beauty and power.


In a world that is often characterized by noise, the drive to get ahead, conflict and war, I dream of the day when peace and calm is an everyday experience. My gardens strive to create just that peace and calm for you the individual homeowner. My vision is to create beautiful outdoor spaces that evoke powerful positive feelings, facilitate positive family interactions, and respect our natural resources.


Building on my early experiences with art and beauty, and adding to that my formal education in Landscape design, Horticulture, Sustainable Landscape design, and Aesthetic pruning, It is my sincere hope that with each subsequent moment that you spend in the garden that I design for you, that whatever noise and pressures exist in your life, will be replaced by joy and peace.